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Magnetic Levitation Lamp

Magnetic Levitation Lamp

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Emitting Color

This innovative Magnetic Levitation Lamp features a base that allows for easy control of the bulb light. With its advanced technology, the bulb levitates and provides a unique and mesmerizing lighting experience. Perfect for creating a calming atmosphere in any room

The base can control the bulb light

Suspension distance: 15mm

Bulb size: 11*6CM

Base size: 15*3CM

Lighting: Warm white light tri-color switching

Switch: Touch switch

Power 12V 1A

1pcs/carton size: 18CM*18.5CM*14CM

Net weight: 0.7 KGS Gross weight: 1 KGS

8pcs/carton size: 38.6*38.6*30CM

Net weight: 5.6 KGS Gross weight: 8KGS

Ideal Gift

The Magnetic Levitation Lamp is an ideal gift for any occasion. Its advanced technology allows for a mesmerizing display as the lamp levitates and spins without any physical support. With a sleek design and energy-efficient LED lights, it is both functional and visually stunning

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